Peračko Blato / Ploče – building for renovation with land


A building for sale in Perački Blato. The building is for renovation. Lots of potential because everything is before 1968 and the plot is suitable for construction in the same dimensions without paying for construction and the location itself is good because of the proximity of the highway, the sea and the town of Ploce.

Beautiful location, close to Baćina lakes.

✅ cp no. 5608/221. cadastral municipality of Plina. In c.o. Gas registered family residential building, built before 1968, building 107 m2 floor plan and auxiliary building 27 m2 and yard 316 m2

Also in front of the house, opposite the road, 450 m2. A new survey was made in Perački Blato and the picture is attached. Marked in BLUE.

The building was built before 1968. years, can be renovated to the same dimensions. The building is solid but in need of renovation it needs renovation. All connections to the building. In front of a large parking lot, fenced.


✅ beautiful plot behind the house and quiet location

107building 107 m2 floor plan and auxiliary building 27 m2 and yard 316 m2 + in front of the house 450 m2.

✅ right next to Ploče and connecting to the highway as well as 10 min from the sea

Property 1/1

Starting price € 66,000

❓For inquiries and more please contact +385 91 356 0698





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