Podgradina, old ruined house


An old ruined house for sale in Podgradina, Slivno municipality.

Podgradina is a populated place within the municipality of Slivno, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, very attractive recently due to relatively lower real estate prices compared to real estate on the sea. Due to its good location (on the river), 10 odd minutes from the first beach lately there are many purchases and renovations by Germans, Austrians and Chinese.

The building is right next to the river, built before 1968. and thus has a use permit and allowed renovation in the existing dimensions. Regardless of the condition of the building, water and electricity are regularly paid for, the connections of which do not need to be paid for.

The floor area of the building is 70m2. The collapsed first floor and attic when climbed give a beautiful and peaceful view of the Neretva valley, Ušće, sea and Pelješac.

Quite construction work is needed, that .. The waterfront next to the building has widened and the sewer system has been rebuilt.

Price 31,000 euros

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